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Thuoc Linh Tran, Fuyu Tamanoi, Mong-Hong Lee, Phuc Van Pham

S1 |

Oral Abstracts

ID: 4001 Nanoparticle-based Cancer Therapy

Fuyu Tamanoi

S2-S3 |

ID:4003 COP9 signalosome in regulating EGFR oncogenic signals

Mong-Hong Lee, Lekun Fang, Bo Chen, Hyun-Ho Choi, Ji-Hyun Shin, Liem Phan, Sai-Ching Yeung

S5 |

ID:4005 Injectable Cell Delivery Constructs for Myocardial Tissue Engineering

Hsing-Wen Sung, Chieh-Cheng Huang, Ding-Yuan Chen, Chun-Wen Hsiao, Wen-Yu Lee, Yen Chang

S7 |

ID:4006 Advanced Nanotechnologies for Cancer Research

Peilin Chen

S8-S9 |

ID:4007 Immune-cell base for cancer therapy

Van Thanh Ta, Thinh Huy Tran, Binh Thanh Nguyen, Linh Quy Nguyen, Hoai Quy Nguyen, Khanh Van Tran

S10 |

ID:3001 3D bone grafting techniques in reconstruction of atrophic alveolar ridge in combination with implant placement

Nhan Van Vo, Phong Dai Lam, Bao Chi Truong, Tri Quang Trinh, Quan Dong Ta

S11 |

ID:3004 Lung cancer stem cell and its therapeutic potential

Badrul Hisham Yahaya, Norashikin Zakaria, Noor Hanis Abu Halim, Nazilah Satar

S15-S16 |

ID:3005 Combination of vaccine-strain measles and mumps viruses enhances oncolytic activity against human solid malignancies: special focus on prostate cancer

Toan Linh Nguyen, Ho Anh Son, LiFeng Zhang, Bui Khac Cuong, Hoang Van Tong, Le Duy Cuong, Hoang Thi My Nhung, Naoki Yamamoto

S17 |

ID3020 Stem cell transplantation for incurable diseases in children

Liem Thanh Nguyen

S32 |

ID2018 Radioisotope Enzymes And Cancer Study

Luyen Van Tran

S51 |

ID:2022 Transoral Laser Microsurgery for Early Glottic Cancer

Chung Thuy Tran Phan, Tuan Thanh Nguyen

S54 |

ID:2025 Cancer Molecular Medicine: Targeting C-Myc and USP37 Interactions

Saadia Shakir, Mushtaq Hussain

S56 |

ID:2027 Deregulated expression of key components of phosphoinositide 3 kinase pathway in oral squamous cell carcinoma

Satya N Das, Manasi Mittal, Manoj K Singh, Suresh C Sharma

S59 |


Pavel Yakovlev, Ishchuk Tetiana, Glavachek Diana, Savchuk Olexsiy, Falaleeva Tetiana, Ostapchenko Ludmila

S60-S61 |

ID:2030 Malnutrition and Quality of Life in Patients with Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer at Thai Nguyen Cancer center

Hoang Cong Nguyen, Tinh Thi Ngo, Cuong Quoc Hoang

S62 |

ID2033 Precision-cut tissue slices as a novel ex-vivo model for evaluating the efficacy of potential drugs

Raditya Iswandana, Bao Tung Pham, Theerut Luangmonkon, Henricus A.M. Mutsaers, Peter Olinga

S63-S64 |

ID:2034 Structural and Functional Polymorphism in Hepatitis B Virus Oncogene, HBx

Nusrat Jabeen, Mushtaq Hussain

S65 |

ID:2035 Chromosomal abnormalities and treatment response in Multiple myeloma patients at Cho Ray hospital

Thanh Thanh Suzanne, Oanh Hoang Le, Xinh Thi Phan, Tung Thanh Tran, Cuong Kim Nguyen, Thang Thanh Phan, Hoa Hong Huynh

S66 |

ID: 2036 Next-generation sequencing to evaluate frequency of BCR-ABL1 kinase domain Imatinib-resistance mutations

Chinh Q. Duong, Trang T. Nguyen, Lam V. Nguyen, Huy Q. Pham, Hien T. T. Trinh, Hoang C. Tran, Tuong Q. Le, Thanh H. Nguyen, Hai N. Truong, Tri A. Nguyen, Cuong Nguyen

S67 |


Tengku Ahmad Damitri Al Astani Tengku Din

S69-S70 |

Poster Abstract

ID: 1013 ETV-2 activated proliferation of endothelial cells and attenuated acute hindlimb ischemia in mice

Phuc Van Pham, Ngoc Bich Vu, Hoa Trong Nguyen, Thuy Thi-Thanh Dao, Ha Thi-Ngan Le, Lan Thi Phi, Oanh Thi-Kieu Nguyen, Ngoc Kim Phan

S 87 |

ID: 1006 Allogeneic adipose -derived mesenchymal stem cell transplantion enhanced the expression of angiogenic factors on mouse acute hindlimb ischemia model

Ngoc Bich Vu, Ha Thi-Ngan Le, Thuy Thi-Thanh Dao, Lan Thi Phi, Phuc Van Pham, Ngoc Kim Phan, Van Thanh Ta

S 83-84 |

ID: 1014 Expanded autologous adipose derived stem cell transplantation for type 2 diabetes mellitus

Phuong Thi-Bich Le, Phuc Van Pham, Ngoc Bich Vu, Loan Thi-Tung Dang, Ngoc Kim Phan

S 88 |

ID: 1015 Taraxacum officinale (dandelion) extract efficiently inhibited the breast cancer stem cell proliferation

Ngu Van Trinh, Nghi Doan-Phuong Dang, Diem Hong Tran, Phuc Van Pham

S 89-90 |

ID: 1016 Production of endothelial progenitor cells from skin fibroblasts by direct reprogramming for clinical usages

Phuc Van Pham, Ngoc Bich Vu, Thuy Thi-Thanh Dao, Ha Thi-Ngan Le, Lan Thi Phi, Ngoc Kim Phan

S 91 |

ID: 1017 Extracellular vesicles of ETV2 transfected fibroblasts stimulate endothelial cells and improve neovascularization in a murine model of hindlimb ischemia

Phuc Van Pham, Ngoc Bich Vu, Thuy Thi-Thanh Dao, Ha Thi-Ngan Le, Lan Thi Phi, Oanh Thuy Huynh, Mai Thi-Hoang Truong, Oanh Thi-Kieu Nguyen, Ngoc Kim Phan

S 92 |

ID: 1020 Direct reprogramming of fibroblasts into endothelial progenitor cells by defined factors

Mai Thi-Hoang Truong, Oanh Thuy Huynh, Liem Hieu Phan, Phuc Van Pham

S 95 |

ID: 1022 Acellular muscle scaffolds: Histological and biochemical evaluation

Jaroslav Mokry, Hana Hrebíková, Jana Chvátalová, Rishikaysh Pisal, Stanislav Filip, Govindan Dayanithi

S 97 |

ID: 1023 All-trans retinoic acid targets gastric cancer stem cells and inhibits patient-derived gastric carcinoma tumor growth

P H Nguyen, J Giraud, C Staedel, L Chambonnier, P Dubus, E Chevret, H Boeuf, X Gauthereau, B Rousseau, M Fevre, I Soubeyran, G Belleannée, S Evrad, D Collet, F Mégraud, C Varon

S 98-99 |

ID: 1027 High-Throughput, Single Cell Whole Transcriptome Sequencing Analysis of Cancer Cells with the New BD FACSMelody™ Cell Sorter and BD™ Precise assay

Xiaoyang (Alice) Wang, Chip Lomas, Craig Betts, Aaron Walker, Christina Fan, Suzanne Weaver

S 102 |

ID: 1026 Reconstruction of the major defects of the tissue scalp

M.I. Muradov, K.B. Mukhamedkerim, A. ABaiguzeva, K.E. Kazantaev, D.Zh. Koshkarbaev

S 100-101 |

ID: 1029 Effects of carnosine on regulation of migration and invasion in human colorectal cancer cells

Po-Yu Lai, Shu-Chen Hsieh, Chih-Chung Wu, Shu-Ling Hsieh

S 104 |

ID: 1031 Synthesis of Polymeric Nanoparticles of α-mangostin and its Cytotoxicity to Human Cancer Cell Lines

Phuong T.M. Nguyen, Lam D. Tran, Nguyen K. Dang, Mai T. Tran, Anh V.T. Nguyen, Albert Bolhuis

S 106 |

ID: 1034 Potential cancer predictive biomarkers: a case of papillary thyroid cancer

Marko Gerić, Renato Janušić, Božena Šarčević, Vera Garaj-Vrhovac

S 109-110 |

ID: 1036 FAM134B, a new player in human colorectal cancer pathogenesis

Farhadul Islam, Vinod Gopalan, Alfred K-Y Lam

S 113-114 |

ID: 1037 Effect of fluorescent nanodiamonds on umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell differentiation into hepatocyte-like cell

Trung Kien Do, Nguyen Thi Thanh Nga, Nguyen Quynh Anh, Dinh Minh Pham, Chu Hoang Ha

S 115 |

ID: 1038 Hydrothermal synthesis of carbon nanodots from millets for cancer cells imaging

Quang Ngo Khoa, Tran Thi Xuan Thuy, Che Thi Cam Ha

S 116 |

ID: 1040 Anticancer effects of natural products from animal and plant origin

Goran Gajshi, Josip Madunić, Ivana Vrhovac Madunić, Tamara Čimbora-Zovko, Sanjica Rak, Davorka Breljak, Maja Osmak, Vera Garaj-Vrhovac

S 118 |

ID: 1041 Effectiveness of human adipose-derived stem cell therapy pretreated with hepatocyte growth factor in liver fibrosis mouse model

Ngoc Hong Vo, Trinh Van Le, Nam Hai Nguyen, Yen K.T. Nguyen, Thanh Minh Dang, Huy Quang Do

S 119-120 |

ID: 1044 DNA origami nanobot for sensitive drug delivery chemotherapy

Minh Tri Luu, Shelley Wickham, Ali Abbas

S 124 |

ID: 1045 Oxygen carrier containing microparticles for prolonged cell survival and effective bone regeneration

So Yeong Gim, Ho Yong Kim, June Ho Byun, Jin Ho Lee, Se Heang Oh

S 125 |

ID: 1047 Cell - cell junctions and arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC)

Bao Bui Chi, Nga Nguyen Thi Huynh, Hiep Nguyen Minh, My Vu Diem, Duy Pham Ngoc, Yen Pham Thi Bach, Nam Nguyen Huy

S 128 |

ID: 1048 A novel nonsense mutation in the CYP21A2 gene of a Vietnamese patient with congenital adrenal hyperplasia

Vu Chi Dung, Ngoc Lan Nguyen, Huy Hoang Nguyen, Thi Kim Lien Nguyen, Thinh Huy Tran, Thanh Van Ta, Van Khanh Tran

S 129 |

ID: 1049 Variation of mitochondrial DNA HV1 and HV2 of the Vietnamese population

Linh Nguyen Quy, Le Anh Tuan Pham, Anh Hong Trinh, Thuy Thi Nguyen, Thinh Huy Tran, Anh Van Tran, Hinh Duc Nguyen, Van Thanh Ta, Van Khanh Tran

S 130 |

ID: 1051 Telomerase activity, telomere length and P53 mutation detection on cellular senescence of Human Amnion Mesenchymal Stem Cells (HAMCs)

Fiona Macniesia Thomas, Vijay Kumar, Siti Fatimah Simat, Helen Benedict Lasimbang

S 131 |

ID: 1053 Characterisation, proliferation and differentiation potential of long term cultured Wharton’s Jelly derived mesenchymal stem cells

Warda Abdul Ajak, Siti Fatimah Simat, How Siew Eng, Helen Benedict Lasimbang, Teoh Peik Lin

S 133 |

ID: 1055 Adipose-derived stem cells and platelet rich plasma ameliorate liver cirrhotic circumstance in CCl4-induced mice: a new approach for liver cirrhosis treatment

Nhung Hai Truong, Nam Hai Nguyen, Trinh Van Le, Nghia Huynh, Dat Quoc Ngo, Thanh Van Nguyen, Ngoc Kim Phan, Phuc Van Pham

S 136-137 |

ID1056 Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel curcumin derivative with water-soluble phosphate group as potential antitumor agent

Dinh Luyen Nguyen, Van Giang Nguyen, Thi Bich Van Nong, Thi Hien Pham, Van Hai Nguyen

S 138 |

ID: 1058 Effective bone formation through BMP-2-immobilized highly porous GBR membrane

Min Ji Kim, Jin Hyun Park, Ho Yong Kim, June Ho Byun, Jin Ho Lee, Se Heang Oh

S 139 |

ID: 1059 Biomimetic release of growth factor from porous beads for enhanced bone regeneration

Ho Yong Kim, June Ho Byun, Jin Ho Lee, Se Heang Oh

S 140 |

ID: 1061 An investigation on the deleterious effects of cryoablation on hepatocellular carcinoma

Ha Che Cam, Le Duy Minh, Le Minh Tri, Pham Thi Ngoc Phuong, Tran Huu Phuc

S 143 |

ID: 1062 The chicken egg tumor model provides an attractive system for evaluating anticancer drugs

Binh Thanh Vu, Joel Hayashi, Fuyu Tamanoi

S 144 |

ID: 1063 Isolation and characterization of female germline stem cell derived from porcine ovary

Nguyen Huy Hoang, Nguyen Thi Bao Tran, Nguyen Van Thuan, Bui Hong Thuy

S 145 |

ID: 1064 Effects of FSH, cumulus cell morphology and follicular fluid from different follicular sizes on the in vitro maturation of bovine oocytes

Nguyen Hoang-Kieu Linh, Phung Ngoc Minh Doan, Pham Truong Duy, Bui Hong Thuy, Nguyen Van Thuan

S 146 |

ID: 1065 Establishment of parthenogenetic diploid embryonic stem cells in mice

Ho Thi-Kim Ngan, Nguyen Van Thuan, Hong-Thuy Bui

S 147 |

ID: 1067 The Effect of Oocyte-Cumuls Cell Complexes on Maturation Rates and Pronuclear Formation After Pathenogenetic Activation

Bui Thanh Nhan, Nguyen Dang Bich Tram, Phung Ngoc Minh Doan, Bui Hong Thuy, Nguyen Van Thuan

S 149 |

ID: 1068 Effect of caffeine supplementation during in vitro maturation on development of parthenogenetic embryos derived from aging oocytes

Nguyen Thi Thuy Van, Doanh Duc Nghia, Nguyen Van Thuan, Hong Thuy Bui

S 150 |

ID: 1069 Effect of Diutyryl-CAMP and follicle stimulating hormone on in vitro maturation of porcine oocyte

Nguyen Thi Thuy Van, Pham Truong Duy, Nguyen Van Thuan, Bui Hong Thuy

S 151 |

ID: 1070 Single-Cell Gene Expression Profiling in Breast Cancer Cells with the HER2/neu Gene Knockout by CRISPR-Cas9

Xiaoyang (Alice) Wang, Chip Lomas, Michael A. Tycon, Regina Lam, Suzanne Weaver

S 152 |

ID: 1071 Establishing an early-stage femoral head necrosis model of rabbit using methylprednisolone and Complete Freund's Adjuvant

Lan Thi Phi, Thuy Thi-Thanh Dao, Khanh Dinh-Van Nguyen, Phuc Van Pham, Khanh Hong-Thien Bui, Ngoc Bich Vu

S 153 |

ID: 1072 Increasing dose of intravenous human adipose-derived stem cells improves the pancreatic function of diabetic mice

Loan Thi-Tung Dang, Anh Nguyen Tu Bui, Cong Le Thanh Nguyen, Nhat Chau Truong, Anh Thi Van Bui, Ngoc Kim Phan, Kiet Dinh Truong, Phuc Van Pham

S 154-155 |

ID:1073 Assessment of intravenous infused human adipose derived stem cells homing in diabetic mice

Nhat Chau Truong, Ngoc Bich Vu, Anh Nguyen Tu Bui, Cong Le Thanh Nguyen, Anh Thi Van Bui, Anh Thi Van Vu, Loan Thi Tung Dang, Ngoc Kim Phan

S 156 |

ID: 1074 The efficiency of adipose-derived stem cell pretreated with hepatocyte growth factor and platelet rich plasma on a liver cirrhosis mouse model

Yen Thi-Kim Nguyen, Nam Hai Nguyen, Trinh Van Le, Ngoc Hong Vo, Thanh Minh Dang, Huy Quang Do, Nhung Hai Truong

S 157-158 |

ID: 1075 Concentration and κ/λ ratio of serum free light chain in multiple myeloma patients at Cho Ray Hospital

Hoang Cong Phan, Thang Thanh Phan, Toan Trong Ho, Thu Bich Tran, Thanh Thanh MCB, Son Truong Nguyen

S 159-160 |

ID: 1076 Establishing an artificial cartilage from rabbit bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cell and polycaprolactone scaffold

Thuy Thi Thanh Dao, Liem Hieu Phan, Ha Thi Ngan Le, Lan Thi Phi, Phuc Van Pham, Ngoc Bich Vu

S 161-162 |

ID: 1077 Overexpress of CD47 does not alter stemness of MCF-7 breast cancer cells

Oanh Thi-Kieu Nguyen, Anh Nguyen Tu Bui, Ngoc Bich Vu, Phuc Van Pham

S 163 |

ID: 1078 Autologous and allogeneic transplantation of adipose derived stem cells have similar effects for type 1 diabetes mellitus treatment in mouse models

Anh Nguyen Tu Bui, Oanh Thi-Kieu Nguyen, Cong Le Thanh Nguyen, Loan Thi-Tung Dang, Phuc Van Pham, Ngoc Kim Phan

S 164 |

ID: 1079 Improved glucose homeostasis effect of conditioned media from adipose-derived stem cells in type 1 diabetic mice

Anh Nguyen Tu Bui, Cong Le Thanh Nguyen, Ngoc Kim Phan, Loan Thi-Tung Dang

S 165 |

ID: 1080 Adipose-derived stem cells alleviate glucose tolerance in type 2 diabetic mouse

Anh Nguyen Tu Bui, Cong Le Thanh Nguyen, Anh Thi Minh Nguyen, Nhat Chau Truong, Ngoc Kim Phan, Linh Thi Tung Dang

S 166 |

ID: 1083 Targeting the production of oncogenic miRNAs using synthetic small molecules

Anh Thi-Phuong Tran, Duc Huy Vo, Audrey Di Giorgio, Maria Duca

S 170-171 |

ID: 1084 Proliferative and differentiative effects of the Panax vietnamensis ethanol fraction on murine neural stem cells

Huy Quang Do, Nhung Hai Truong, Thanh Thai Lam, Linh Thuy Nguyen, Dung Minh Le, Nhung Thi-Hong Dinh, Luan Cong Tran, Ngoc Kim Phan, Phuc Van Pham

S 172-173 |

ID: 1085 Sodium citrate induces apoptosis in HepG2 cell lines

Sinh Truong Nguyen, Phuc Hong Vo, Oanh Thi-Kieu Nguyen, Nghia Minh Do, Phuc Van Pham

S 174 |

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