One of the most significant finding in stem cell area in the early 21st century is the founding of female germline stem cells (FGSCs). Establishment of FGSCs allowed new possibilities for the use of them in biotechnology and medicine. Hence, the purpose of this study was to establish, characterize the porcine female germline stem cells (pFGSCs) from porcine ovary. The result revealed the success in establishing pFGSCs from ovarian tissue. Most of the pFGSCs were round shape after in vitro culture, forming groups of cells that cluster around the ovarian cells colonies. Immunofluorescent analysis of pFGSCs showed that these cells expressed germ cell and stem cell markers such as: Vasa, Stella, c-kit and Oct4. After several weeks in in vitro culture, pFGSCs increased in number without the loss of proliferative potential. Our results suggested that pFGSCs isolated from adult mammalian ovary, under appropriate conditions, could undergo proliferation.


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