Application of electrochemical aptasensors in detection of cancer biomarkers

Masoud Negahdary, Ali Moradi, Hossein Heli

3315-3324 |

Original Research

Orally administered fisetin as an immuno-modulatory and therapeutic agent in a mouse model of chronic allergic airway disease

Pramathadhip Paul, Sourav Majhi, Shinjini Mitra, Ena Ray Banerjee

3262-3273 |

Low levels of serum complement factor H is associated with increasing progression of bronchiectasis

Abubakar Shettima, Muhammad M. Ibrahim

3286-3292 |

Therapeutic efficacy of Boerhaavia diffusa (Linn.) root methanolic extract in attenuating streptozotocin-induced diabetes, diabetes-linked hyperlipidemia and oxidative-stress in rats

Firoz Akhter, Sahir Sultan Alvi, Parvej Ahmad, Danish Iqbal, Bader Mohammed Alshehri, M. Salman Khan

3293-3306 |

Short Communication

Apolipoprotein E gene polymorphism influenced glycemic status among Malaysians

K. M. Hafizur Rahman, Md. Sanower Hossain, Nazmul Haque, Tariq Bin Abdul Razak, Hussain Ahmad

3307-3314 |

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