Concise review: 3D cell culture systems for anticancer drug screening

Huyen Thi-Lam Nguyen, Sinh Truong Nguyen, Phuc Van Pham

625-632 |

Original Research

Effects of ricin extracted from seeds of the castor bean (ricinus communis) on cytotoxicity and tumorigenesis of melanoma cells

Trung Ngoc Ngo, Tho Thi Nguyen, Dung Thi-Thuy Bui, Nhung Thi-My Hoang, Thang Dinh Nguyen

633-644 |

Isolation of endothelial progenitor cells from human adipose tissue

Phuc Van Pham, Ngoc Bich Vu, Hoa Trong Nguyen, Ngoc Kim Phan

645-652 |

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