A retrospective analysis of pyogenic liver abscess and antibiotic resistivity of common pathogens in Peshawar

Nadia Bashir, Muhammad Adnan Shereen, Abeer Kazmi, Muhammad Sajid, Hafiz Ullah

4190-4196 |


Concise review: The role of cancer-derived exosomes in tumorigenesis and immune cell modulation

Nhi Thao Huynh, Khuong Duy Pham, Nhat Chau Truong

4158-4169 |

Current strategies for adoptive immunotherapy for cancer: ”Off-the-shelf” immune cells

Hieu Ngo Trong, Hung Le Van Manh, Vy Thanh Dang, Nguyen Ho-Thao Nguyen, Binh Vu Thanh, Phuc Van Pham

4170-4189 |

Original Research

The effects of analytic group therapy compared with pharmacotherapy in patients with anxiety disorders

Saman Sedighi, Soodeh Rahmani, Mahdieh Moinolghorabaei

4152-4157 |

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