Original Research

Mini-invasive treatment for delayed or non-union: the use of percutaneous autologous bone marrow injection

Trung Hau LE THUA, Duy-Thang NGUYEN, Dang Nhat PHAM, Khanh-Linh LE, Quy Ngoc Bao LE, Phan Huy NGUYEN, Thi Thuy Hoa PHAN, Hoang Duy PHAN, Phuoc Quang LE, Willy Denis BOECKX, Albert DE MEY

389-395 |

Production of dendritic cells and cytokine-induced killer cells from banked umbilical cord blood samples

Phuc Van Pham, Binh Thanh Vu, Viet Quoc Pham, Phong Minh Le, Hanh Thi Le, Ngoc Kim Phan

402-408 |

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