Overview of the advantages and disadvantages of chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy in the tumor microenvironment

Adil Farooq, Muddasir Hassan Abbasi, Muhammad Babar khawar, Nadeem Sheikh

5341-5350 |

Roles of hypoxia in tumor progression and novel strategies for cancer treatment

Bui Dinh Khan, Tran Ngo The Nhan, Hoang Nguyen Minh Chau, Nguyen Thi Yen Nhi

5361-5374 |

Recent findings on molecular alterations in IDH1, TP53, and CASP9 in gliomagenesis

Jing Yit Pua, Zamzuri Idris, Abdul Aziz Mohamed Yusoff, Azim Patar

5375-5383 |

Original Research

Association of the International Academy of Cytology category with the Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System score in relation to the diagnostic accuracy for breast lumps

Subhashish Das Das, Kalyani Raju, Amrutha Tunuguntla Tunuguntla, Anil Kumar Sakalecha, Sreeramulu Patrapalli Nadipanna

5332-5340 |

Expression of epithelial–mesenchymal transition markers in squamous cell carcinoma of the uterine cervix: A cross-sectional study

Ankit Anand, Kalyani Raju, Sheela S Rangappa, Anil Kumar Sakalecha

5351-5360 |

Case report

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