Probiotics: Helpful for the prevention of COVID-19?

Nishat Zafar, Muhammad Aamir Aslam, Ashiq Ali, Aisha Khatoon, Abdul Nazir, Qaisar Tanveer, Muhammad Bilal, Rabia Kanwar, Azka Qadeer, Muhammad Sikandar, Abdullah Zafar

4086-4099 |

The role of tumor-derived exosomes in tumor immune escape: A concise review

Nhat Chau Truong, Thao Nhi Huynh, Khuong Duy Pham, Phuc Van Pham

4132-4137 |

Original Research

Biogenic silver nanoparticles induce apoptosis in Ehrlich ascites carcinoma

Hamed A. Abosharaf, Mohammed Salah, Thoria Diab, Motonari Tsubaki, Tarek M. Mohamed

4100-4113 |

Gastric cancer in East Azerbaijan, Iran: Five-year survival analysis of population-based cancer registry results

Pooneh Jabbaripour, Mohammad Hossein Somi, Hossein Mashhadi Abdolahi, Roya Dolatkhah

4114-4121 |

Fetuin-A gene polymorphism and its serum level association with atherosclerotic vascular disease in type 2 diabetes patients with early diabetic kidney disease

Eman Y. Morsy, Neveen L. Saad, Hesham A. Elghoneimy, Abd Alhalim G. Smeid, Azza A. Ismail

4122-4131 |


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